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Note: Fontify helps you apply ANY fonts to your site. If you apply fonts incorrectly, the App does not break your site, you just need to delete what you’ve created in the App to back to the original font like Ctr+Z 🙂

There are 2 features in the App: Upload font ($5 for unlimited upload times) + Google font (Free)

Fontify overwrites the Typography in Theme-> Customize.

Therefore, from now on, whenever you want to modify the Typography, just go to App. You don’t need to do anything in Customize view

*Upload font

Step 1: Prepare your custom font file with the format are ttf / woff / otf  

Step 2: Name the font and Upload the font file here

Step 3: Assign font

You can tick “All”  if you want to make changes for all the parts of your store

You can use Element Picker if you want to make changes for specific parts of your store

*Element picker : another better way to assign fonts, and you don’t need to know the name of any parts on your store.

You will see your store preview. Click on the icon to select whatever sections you want to apply new font

Install this Chrome extension or Firefox extension in the case click to Search icon show up a blank page

Step 4: Tick Overwrite other font box + Click to Add font button

Step 5: Click to Sync button and wait for 30s to see the result

Original site:

Result: when you tick All 

Result: when you use Element Picker, only the selected sections are changed

*Google font : similar steps with Upload font

Click here to select available Google fonts

Video Tutorial


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