How to use the Metafield in Product Page

Step 1: Installing ShopifyFD

Go to this link to install: ShopifyFD

Step 2: Setup for it

+ Go to Shopify Admin -> Products -> Product Settings

+ Click to this icon

There are 7 type metafields in Gecko theme: Countdown, Video or YouTube, Short Description, Size Chart, External/Affiliate, Tag and Username, Custom Tab


Name: getting any names

Key: It default, so you must use the key which has had of Metafields

Value: Getting any values

NOTE: When you fill in and save, Go to View to see the result.

    • Type 1: Countdown

1. Add New Metafield : meta (You can fill in any names)

2. Key: countdown

3. Value: 2018/06/30

(If you want to countdown to the sale day of product, fill in date to the value’s box)

In the admin website:

+ Result :

  • Type 2: Video

1. Add New Metafield : meta

2. Key: video

3. Value:

(You can get any links from youtube)

+ Result:


    • Type 3: Short Description

1. Name: meta

2. Key: description_excerpt

3. Value: description excerpt content

+ Result:

    • Type 4: Size chart

NOTE: Image size chart only show when the product has a variant size

1. Name: meta

2. Key: image_size_chart

3. Value: The link of the image and you can get in Setting->Files


+ Result:

The image size chart will show:

    • Type 4: External/Affiliate

Allow you enter external/Affiliate link, Add cart function will be hidden

1. namespace: external

2. key: text on button (The name will be shown of the button)

3.Value: link to external product

+ Result:

    • Type 5: Tag

1. namespace: meta

2. key: hashtag

3. value:(tag on Instagram)

+ Result: Scroll down the bottom of page, you can see it.

    • Type 5: Username

1. namespace: meta

2. key: username

3. value:(tag on Instagram) The name in Instagram has had. If it’s wrong, you cannot see anythings

NOTE: You must have deleted Tag before. If didn’t, you couldn’t see the Username

+ Result: Scroll down the bottom of page, you can see it.


– Per page allowed to show an Instagram. Priority to display the tags.

– Sometimes you don’t see the metafield on the product page or it said not loaded, please reload and click to metafield icon on the browser again.


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