Nitro Product bundle- App Documentation

Note: It’s likely that the App may not work on the third-party themes, if this is the case please contact us for free support.

How it works

Step 1: Installing

Click here to embed code the App. Just 1 click to make it work!

In the case using “Embed code wizard” not working you can try to follow manual embed code or Contact us

Step 2: Create a Bundle

Step 3: Select only one main product

Step 4: Fill in the information of the Bundle

Step 5: Select other products to make bundle with the main product –> Add

Step 6: The app will automatically create bundle combinations. You can delete unnecessary bundle as well

Step 7: Add discount type for each bundle combination.

5 Type of Discounts

  • Amount: Discount a specific amount on total price of bundle, eg: 20$


  • Percent: Discount a percentage on total price of bundle, eg: 20%


  • Get product: When customer buy this bundle will be get a product free. eg: Buy 3 get 1 free


  • Discount code: When customers buy this bundle, they will get a Discount code. Code Need to fill the Discount code in the Discount value box of Checkout page


  • Freeship: The order will be free shipping



Video Tutorial


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